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Music Industry

Sastra Film presents its subsidiary company, Chan Production, which focuses primarily on the music industry. Music is an integral part of the film industry, and we aim to promote their growth together. Chan Production, under Sastra Film, aims to bring a new flavour to the music industry.

Music is the essence of love and inspiration.


Music is at the core of everything.

We are here to inspire you through the soul of music.


About Chan.

Chan Production is a music production company that operates under SASTRA Co., Ltd (also known as Sastra Film). Established in 2022, Chan Production has released over 200 songs worldwide on various streaming music platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music. The company primarily focuses on producing soul, blues, and soundtrack music.

Chan - A New Wave

An Original Soundtrack

Original soundtracks are unique compositions created specifically for a production. They enhance the visual narrative, create an emotional connection with the audience, and can even have commercial value. A great soundtrack can elevate a production to new heights and leave a lasting impression on audiences.

An Original Song

To compose an original song, we start by selecting a key and developing a chord progression. Write personal and meaningful lyrics using vivid imagery and metaphors. Create a simple yet powerful melody hook. Finally, let our creativity flow and experiment as you go along to create a truly unique and emotional song.

Worldwide Release

Exciting news! Our original music is now available on all major music platforms, including Spotify. With a unique blend of genres and styles, our music is sure to captivate the hearts and minds of music lovers everywhere. So, head over to Spotify and check out our latest release today!

Chan Production

Playlist Collection

Ena Rita

Artist and Singer


Artist and Singer


Artist and Singer


Artist and Singer


Artist and Singer


Artist and Singer


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