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Don't Close Your Eyes

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Cambodia Release:

Runtime (mn):

Year Release:

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23 កុម្ភៈ 2023




Official Trailer


Sreynit can never fall asleep because every time she does, she will be haunted by horrible dreams so bad that it could kill her. A fortune teller once told her that her life will be back to normal if she survives through her 21st birthday. However, an accidental nap on the night before she turns 21 took her back to the past where she and two other boys were involved in the death of a childhood friend. All she can do now is apologize to the souls of the deceased but is that enough to end her nightmare and escape death?


Main Credit

Exceutive Producer:

Directed by:

Story Screenplay:

Production Manager:

Director of Photography:

Bun Channimol

Kou Darachan

Ngoeuy Bunrath

In Somphors

Suk Dara

Still Frame

Production Note

  • Executive Producer: Bun Channimol

  • Production Manager: In Somphors

  • Director: Kou Darachan

  • Assistant Director: Mak Pichjulie

  • Writer: Ngoeuy Bunrath

  • Director Of Photography: NovChenda, SukDara

  • Cameraman: Nan Sophanith

  • Assistant Camera: Khlot Vannbros

  • Lighting: Thy Narong, SaoPhon, Khem Sue

  • Sound Operator: Phim Pilin, Thai Keosopul

  • Prop Design: Seng Channry, Nhel Sovannary, Ly Sochita

  • Custom Design: Phim Sonita, Chreun Sreymean

  • Makeup Artist: Mak Pichjulie

  • Film Mastering: Nhun Piseth

  • Video Editor: Lorn Sovannary, Meas Sophea, Nob Sombath, Yem Sokha

  • Assistant Editor: En Chanreach

  • Colorist: Yon Maov

  • Motion Graphic: Song Bunnet

  • Sound Mixer: MexSatya, PhongPhouroth(Finajy)

  • Creative Design: Somon Rithy

  • Head Of Music: Vy Leangcheu

  • Lyric: Ngoeuy Bunrath

  • Music Composer: Phal Vadhnak

  • Cast: JiZorng, K-sinh and many other celebrities


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