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The Dark Mother

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Cambodia Release:

Runtime (mn):

Year Release:

Film Rating:

Horror, Romance

23 ធ្នូ 2023



General (Rated-G)

Official Trailer


In a bygone era in Cambodia, a small family resided. Nuon carried her pregnancy for several months with concerns that her baby may not survive. During her husband's absence, the villagers accused her of being the Dark Mother. Despite Nuon's efforts to protect her child, the local children feared her and refused to stay with her. The subsequent separation from her family left Nuon devastated. She recognized that a mother, whether human or ghost, must be present to care for her children.


Main Credit

Exceutive Producer:

Directed by:

Story Screenplay:

Production Manager:

Director of Photography:

Bun Channimol

Kou Darachan

Sorn Sreylin

Bun Chantith

Suk Dara

Still Frame

Production Note

  • Executive Producer: Bun Chhannimol

  • Production Manager: Bun Chantith

  • Story Screenplay: Sorn Sreylin

  • Director: Kou Darachan

  • Assistant Director: Nhoel Sovannary, Phim Sonita

  • Director Of Photography: Suk Dara

  • Camera Man: Nan Sophanith

  • Assistrant Camera: Kim Phanith, Tep Daro

  • Lighting: Thy Rong, Pin Peoun, Sao Phon

  • Sound Operator: Phim Pailin

  • Prop Design: Nhoel Sovannary, Tep Daro, Sao Phon

  • Custom Design: Kun Chanry

  • Make Up Artist: Khly Sokleap

  • Driver: Suk Choeb, Hay Darun

  • Mastering: Nhun Piseth

  • Editor: Lorn Sovannary

  • Assistant Editor: En Chanreach

  • Colorist: Yon Maov

  • Motion Graphic & Vidual Effects: Song Bunnet, Yem Sokha, Ouch Sopheap

  • Sound Mixer: Mex Satya, Phoung Phouroth (Finajy)

  • Surround Sound: Phoung Phouroth (Finajy)

  • Graphic Design: Sok Somnang

  • Dubbing: Iv Thavunth, Sor Sokunthy, Pin Samneang , Ham Savoeut, Bunchhoen Sorida

  • Casts: Seng Chanlaiee, Thul Makara, Hong Chansorvorleak, Men Keosaopiseth, Vannak Sokhavireakyuth, and Other Special Guests


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