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The House

Film Information


Cambodia Release:

Runtime (mn):

Year Release:

Film Rating:

Horror, Drama

24 សីហា 2023





The story of the house happened from late 1999 to early 2000 in a house that used to be a safe place turned into a house full of ghost spirits because many unfortunate things happened at home until it killed the owner. After the owner died, Linda, the owner's daughter, returned to the house regardless of the ghosts that haunted their lives. From the day they lived here, the horror story started to happen in Lida's family, never stopping until Lida discovered the reason for these ghost spirits. For Linda, the worst is yet to come.

Main Credit

Exceutive Producer:

Directed by:

Story Screenplay:

Production Manager:

Director of Photography:

Bun Channimol

Bun Chanpich

Ngoeuy Bunrath

In Somphors

Rith Bros Pov

Still Frame

Production Note


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