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"The Dark Mother" A Remake in Indonesia is confirmed by Falcon Pictures Indonesia.

Sastra Film Production's feature film "The Dark Mother" received an overwhelmingly positive response from the audience in Cambodia towards the end of 2023. As a result, the filmmakers are now preparing to showcase the film in international cinemas in multiple countries. They are confident that the international audience will appreciate the movie's unique storyline and exceptional cinematic quality. The release of the film on an international level is expected to enhance its popularity and provide the filmmakers with a broader audience.

Indonesia has obtained the screening rights for "The Dark Mother", which marks a significant step in Sastra Film's effort to showcase Cambodian films on a global stage. Additionally, Indonesia has secured the rights to remake the film, presenting a new opportunity to showcase Cambodian cinematography to a broader audience. This development is a positive step towards breaking down barriers in the film industry and promoting cultural exchange.

"The Dark Mother" A Remake in Indonesia is confirmed by Falcon Pictures Indonesia.

The success of Sastra Film's feature film is attributable to the overwhelming support of the Cambodian audience, which has led to the international market recognizing the quality of local productions. Falcon Picture Indonesia has also acquired the film rights, further solidifying the movie's marketability in the region. The film's release in Indonesia is anticipated to be forthcoming, and we encourage audiences to look forward to this exciting opportunity.

Checkout Falcone Pictures Website below:

Negotiations are currently underway for film distribution in various other countries besides Indonesia. Three countries, including Thailand, Laos, and Malaysia, have already established a scheduled release date commencing on February 29, 2024.

Sastra Film is committed to enhancing the standards of its films and narrative structure for its esteemed supporters. They are dedicated to extending the reach of Cambodian films across the globe and bringing Cambodian Films to the World. The team extends their heartfelt gratitude to all the supporters of Sastra Film Production who have steadfastly supported their movies since its inception.

Please check out the official trailers in both Cambodian and Thailand versions below:

Cambodian Version

Thailand Version

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