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Where is My Head?

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Cambodia Release:

Runtime (mn):

Year Release:

Film Rating:

Horror, Drama

25 មេសា 2024




Official Trailer


The case of the girl dancer who was beheaded and left behind has become well-known throughout the country. For the past five years, nothing has been heard about the case, but the woman's head is still missing. After her family split up, Nana, a horror writer, needs a cheap rental room. Because of this, she rented a cheap room, which is what has happened for the last five years with her baby. Nana was constantly feeling uneasy and reminded that she was not alone in the room by the continual sound of a woman crying in pain and demanding her head. Nana and anybody else entering the room would be terrified by the ghosts that also began to materialize. Three people were brought up in a nearby room as well, but they also died horribly. Some folks bumped their heads on big things, and some tumbled off the stairs. Most of the deceased were in prison. With increasing clarity, Nana could see the female ghost from head to toe. And because Nana's boss had dismissed her for the beheading case, she had begun investigating and had determined that this was where the spirit had died. Nana was unable to leave even though she wanted to. If she couldn't locate the ghost's head, her daughter would be decapitated.


Main Credit

Exceutive Producer:

Directed by:

Story Screenplay:

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Director of Photography:

Bun Channimol

Kou Darachan

Ngoeuy Bunrath

In Somphors

Suk Dara

Still Frame

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